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Anti- ultraviolet Radiation Fabric
Anti-ultraviolet radiation fabric has best ultraviolet radiation screening factor, and can reach 99.9%, SPF50+, it can protect the body from ham of ultraviolet radiation. Laundry resistant,safety, and environmental protection. It is widely used in worker garment, fashion, curtain and bumbersoll etc.

Water & oil Repellent Fabric
All types of protective work clothing made of water & oil resistant, water repellent fabrics are suitable for the workers who touch oil and water frequently. It can be stained with oil but can not be soaked by oil and it is non-permeable when meeting water. It overcomes permeability and is comfortable to wear. The clothing con forms to the safety and health performance requirements of oil and water repellent protective clothing (National Stan drad GB12799-91). National Standardized Technique Committee for labor Protective prod ucts supervises the manufacture.

Anti-Static Fabric
Anti-static work clothing is the necessary protective clothing under the conditions of inflammable and explosive. Anti-static fabric is made of anti-static fiber, cotton and polyester blended fiber. Its performance is meet the requirements of Japanese ¡°safety Guide for Static¡±. The charge density is less than 7 u c/sqm and durable, so it is regarded as the ¡°life-time¡± anti-static fabric.

Anti-acid & alkali fabric is suitable for workers who often contact acid and alkaline. The work clothing made of this fabric has the penetrate of acid for a long time, high resistance of acid, high resistance of acid pressure, low strength lose while soaked in acid so that is can provide excellent protection to the workers. This fabric meets the requirement of National Standard ¡°GB12012-89¡±

Flame retardant workwear
Achieved EEC standards ¡°EN470,EN47-1,EN533,EN531,BS5852¡±

Water & Oil repellent workwear
Achieved national standard ¡°GB12799-91¡±

Anti-Acid & Alkali Workwear
Achieved National Standard ¡°GB12012-89¡±

Anti-static Workwear
Meet the Japanese ¡°safety Guide for Static¡±

Fabric made from100% cotton, 100% polyester or T/C

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